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Parcel carriers are companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.  Their overnight services operate by flying everything to a central hub, where it is sorted and then flown to its destination, all in under 12 hours.

They handle envelopes and packages up to 150 lbs., and 165 inches in length + girth (that’s the longest side of the package plus twice the width and twice the height).  Anything larger or heavier must be shipped via freight. 

Freight carriers handle larger shipments, and generally require the shipment to be on a pallet or crate so it can be moved by a forklift.   LTL, or less-than-truckload carriers handle shipments of a single item up to approximately 1/3 of a truckload.  FTL, or full-truckload carriers take care of larger shipments, and may consolidate your shipment with those of others along the way.  Dedicated truck freight is exclusive to your shipment from pickup to delivery, with no consolidation.   Freight transport is faster than you may expect, with 1 to 5 business day delivery times within the continental U.S. When faster service is required, air freight services offer 1 and 2 business day delivery within the continental U.S.
International ocean freight similarly has LCL and FCL options.  Less-than-container load shipments are consolidated in a shipping container along with other shipments bound for the same port.  FCL shipments provide you with a dedicated 20 or 40 foot shipping container that is sealed until it arrives at its final destination.

International Shipments require additional paperwork in order to clear customs. Depending on the nature of the items being shipped, this can be very simple, or quite complex.  In either case, we assist you with this process, preparing documentation, filing any necessary export documents, and obtaining any additional paperwork that may be required.  In most cases, any non-document international shipment will incur a customs fee. Customs charges vary by country, and sometimes by the type of item being shipped.  We can help you determine the customs, duties, and taxes that will be charged, and advise you on how to reduce them as much as possible.

There is a greater range of quality of service between carriers for international shipping than in the domestic market. USPS services, for example, tender shipments to the postal service within the destination country.  We can help you determine which carrier will give you the best, most economical service for wherever you need to ship.

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Learn the Basics of Shipping - Shipping 101

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