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Custom Wood Crating

Nothing compares to the level of protection provided by a solid wood crate. However, not all crates are alike. In order to do its job keeping your shipment safe, a crate needs to be sufficiently sturdy to withstand the rigors of shipping. That’s why we build them strong enough to hold up against a forklift driver who thinks “Fragile” means “slam against a wall.”

All our custom wood crates are sturdy and reusable, Prime Pack & Ship’s crates are constructed to your exact specifications with new materials. Each panel is glued, stapled, and screwed.

The top and one side are removable for easy access, and because they are fastened with screws rather than nails, they are easy to open and reusable.

Each crate is custom-designed to fit your product maximizing protection while minimizing shipment cost.

  • On and off-site crating
  • Packaging options include foam-in-place
  • Lockable, hinged, and roll-away options
  • Export crating Virtually no limit on size
  • Single crates or large quantity
  • Fast turn-around time

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A key feature of all of our crates

is that the panels are fastened together with screws, not just staples or nails. This improves safety not only for your shipment, but for the people who open the crate. Screws keep the panels from working loose during shipment.

During un-crating, screws prevent someone from ripping the crate open with a pry-bar, which could potentially damage your product, as well as resulting in a panel free from nails and staples sticking out of it, waiting for someone to grab or step upon.