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Heavy Equipment Packing

We pack and crate heavy medical and industrial equipment including CT scan systems, ultrasound machines, engines, robotics, fabrication equipment, and more.

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Shipping rates for Engine Crates
Packaging for Engine Crates

Case study: Engine Crates

An engine manufacturer who typically transported its engines on custom pallets that fit multiple engines each needed custom crates for smaller shipments and demonstration units.

We built a custom crate for each size of engine with cradles for the engines to sit in and keep weight off the oil pan, flywheel, and fan.

Shipping rates for Paper Packaging Machine
Packaging for Large Machine Crates

Case study: Paper Packaging Machine

A large packaging company invented a machine that created paper packaging in high volume, but though they were a packaging company, they had no way to properly protect the machine itself.

The company was already over-budget on development, and asked if we had any ideas for reducing packaging and transportation cost.

Our solution was a hybrid crate which used crate walls up to 24”, and a corrugated cap which fit over a lip on the crate walls. This reduced both packing cost and ship weight, saving our customer money two different ways.