Industrial Crating Services

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Industrial Crating Services

Prime pack and Ship StoryMedical equipment, engines, and industrial machinery often require heavy duty crates with blocking and bracing.

We routinely crate products such as CT and MRI systems, engines, and other heavy machinery. Where necessary, 2x6 decking and sill bases safely distribute the weight of your shipment, and lag bolts secure the walls and feet.

We design every crate to not only protect your items, but to be easy to handle by making them 4-way accessible and with sufficient ground clearance to accommodate pallet jacks and forklifts.

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Shipping to India, China, Africa
Low shipping rates to India, China, and Africa...

Case Study: Shipping CT scan systems

A Computerized Tomography system is comprised of several key components: the gantry, a large doughnut-shaped apparatus, the bed, power distribution unit, and a multitude of peripherals including computers, monitors, cabling, and calibration equipment.

Gantries typically weigh 2,000 lbs. or more and have a high center of gravity. Depending on their design, the beds can be unstable once detached and are prone to typing unless properly supported.

Everything contains sensitive electronics, and must be packed carefully. We’ve handled dozens of CT systems and provide complete service, packing the small electronic components, consolidating those boxes to make efficient use of space, crating the gantry, bed and other accessories, blocking, strapping, and bolting the components in place, and loading them into shipping containers.

Shipping to India, China, Africa
Low shipping rates to India, China, and Africa...

Case study: Shipping Steel tooling

One of our clients needed approximately 250 pieces of steel tooling and dies packed and shipped to a fabrication facility in Belgium.

Each piece was packed in a corrosion-resistant poly bag with desiccant and bubble-wrapped to prevent damage from rust or movement.

After consolidating these pieces into boxes of manageable weight, we loaded all 4,000 lbs. of it into a crate for international ocean transport. They arrived in perfect condition.