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Specialty Art & Antique Crating

Crates for artwork, antiques, and high value furniture utilize soft foam wrapping and lining to prevent damage. We are recommended by Chicago’s major auction houses, such as Wright and Leslie Hindman, and design studios including Michael del Piero and Douglas Rosin.

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FedEx, UPS, & DHL

Shipping to India, China, Africa
Low shipping rates to India, China, and Africa...

Case study: Shipping a Seashell Tiger

The conventional wisdom when preparing wall art for shipment is to keep it in the orientation in which it’s meant to be displayed.

However, when confronted with a shadowbox containing the image of a tiger rendered entirely in seashells intricately glued together, we knew a different approach was necessary.

Suspended in a crate with shock-absorbing feet, the tiger made its trip to California laying on its back. Shortly after arrival, we received a jubilant call from the piece’s owner in which he declared, “One-hundred percent successful!